We are about creating future stories.

Business advice, financial planning, risk management & accounting.

Yep, we aren’t embarrassed to say we handle all the stuff that probably gives you headaches.

All the wondrously boring stuff.

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Case Study Corporate Print (2010) Limited,
Damon Tutty

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Kiwis' are funny. We're happy to hire a plumber or get a gardener if need be but our own D.I.Y. nature makes us reluctant to get help in so many other areas. We think good help is hard to find. Maybe that's true. We guess you've just got to know where to look.

When it comes to our business or personal finance it isn't a 'weed my garden' type situation. It's our livelihood, the future for us and more importantly our families. It's only a small part of our lives, but a small part makes a huge difference.

Here at Pivot we have a philosophy, a way of doing things if you like. It’s more about connecting with our community and its people to provide a service that doesn’t just tick the boxes but creates value.

We’re looking to see what’s just around the corner because tomorrow belongs to those who prepare today.

How we do it

The sum of it's parts is greater than the whole.

Business Advisory

The business builders.

No matter what age or stage your business is at we help you take the next steps. They say it takes one to know one, and we agree.
We started a business once upon a time, and we started it right here in South Canterbury. Since then we have helped many businesses get to where they want to be, achieve success, whatever that looks like for them.

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Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare today.

The reason you probably avoided starting a business earlier. It's the stuff that makes heads hurt. This is about setting yourself up well, staying out of tax trouble and we can look after it long term. Business or personal, talk to a team who; low and behold, actually enjoys doing that stuff.

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Risk Management

The sleep-well factor.

Taking a good look around the corner. We're not fortune tellers. We don't have magic wands. But what we do is help you future proof your business and/or life by looking at potential scenarios and coming up with alternate options. We analyse the past and look at the possibilities for the future. That way your decisions are informed.

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Financial Planning

The 'f' word

This is setting up the base for the future. Whether it's about protecting wealth, putting it to work or creating an end goal we've got all the support and advice you'll need.

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You know what they say about a champion team...

Tracy Tierney

The person who steers the ship

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Stephen McFarlane

Accountant & Financial Planner
The 'f' word specialist

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Wilhelmina Eveleens

Financial Planner & Risk Consultant
The person who makes the complex stuff seem simple
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Glenn Black

Accountant & Virtual CFO
The person who knows what those numbers mean
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